Face Only: $295
Face & Neck: $395
Neck  : $195
Other areas vary from $150 – $375 (per treatment)

Pigmented Lesions & Spider Veins

$195 for every 15 min.

Acne Treatment

Full Face     only $250 (ea. treatment)
Partial Face     Free Consultation Required
Back, Shoulders, & Chest     Free Consultation Required

Velashape ™ Cellulite Treatment

Abdomen (female)     $200
Abdomen (male)     $250
Gluteus     $250
Bra Line     $175
Neck     $195
Thighs (front, back or inner)     $300
Flanks     $175
Upper Arms     $175

Scars: Acne & Other

Scars     $75 for 4″ square, ea. treatment
Warts     $75, ea. treatment

Hair Removal

Full Face     $300
Lower Face     $200
Upper Lip     $95
Ears     $75
Chin     $95
Glabeila (between eyes)     $75
Both Cheeks     $150
Side Burns     $125
Forehead     $95
Full Beard     $300
Bikini     $250
Brazilian Bikini     $350
Both Underarms     $125
Areola (nipples)     $60
Abdomen (female)     $150
Feet     $150
Hands     $150
Male Perineal (pubic grooming)     $300
Full Legs     $595
Lower Leg     $295
Upper Leg     $395
Full Arm     $300
Upper Arm     $170
Forearm     $180
Full Back (includes shoulders)     $450
Chest (male)     $350
Shoulders (male)     $325
Neck     $150
Flanks     $395
Sacrum     $295
Gluteals     $275

Gift Certificates available.

Ask your Laser Skin Care Specialist for more details.

“Joann did an amazing job! I could not have had a better experience or better results.
She was professional, knowledgeable, and always made me feel comfortable. She throughly explained the procedure and expertly answered all my questions thus allowing me to make an informed decision that produced results that I love! She made me feel confident in my own skin again! I very highly recommend Laser Skin Treatment Center!”


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